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What to Do When AVG Antivirus Is Not Active?

Everybody needs antivirus protection but at the current digital space, everyone needs a technology who never fails to detect viruses if any. And as expected, AVG has been tested by the independent labs and it earned pretty good scores to impress the users. Though will all the praises and loyalty from users, but this application can get tricky at times. Many of the times, the Antivirus Firewall and Other Components show disabled in the program, these are the symptoms of bigger problems.

One of the many reasons why Anti-Virus Guard became the success story as it is today is because you can avail their software without spending a single penny but they do provide great protection to your phone and laptop. This is great software and AVG Support UK needs to be ranked well because of the amazing protection that it provides, barring some few errors here and there.

To Resolve Such Problems, Try The Below Mentioned Methods:

  • First Close the anti-malware application and Restart your computer
  • Again launch and update with the latest version of the software
  • After updating the software, close and restart the device again.

If this works, go for a quick scan immediately. If this does not work, go for the next step:

Troubleshoot Anti-Virus Guard Protection:

  • Start with uninstalling the antivirus software and all its components
  • Now download the Anti-Virus Guard removal tool from the official website
  • Install and run the removal tool and select the AVG product and remove it
  • It might take around 10 to 15 minutes in the removal process
  • After the removal is done, restart your computer
  • Now download and install your AVG antivirus again in your computer

This will surely work and if this fails as well, there might be some other major issue. In that case, you can call us at AVG Support Number UK 0800-046-5200. Lets us know and don’t feel hesitant if you need any other help with PC protection and internet security.

Issues in AVG Antivirus

  • Download, Update or Installation related issues
  • Adding o Removing Program components
  • Removing E-mail Footer Signature
  • Setting up various products
  • Uninstalling the Software Avast offers
  • Problems regarding synchronizing Avast Password to various devices
  • Blocking a particular infected website
  • Changing the language of Internet Security products
  • Downloading and accessing its mobile apps
  • Submitting a support file using support tool